Thursday, February 27, 2014

Time to come out of the closet ...

Well, I think it's finally time I came out of the closet. I've shared this life-long secret with a very few intimate friends, and after the initial shock has worn off, most have been supportive. However I now find it difficult to remember who I've shared the news with, and who is still in the dark, leading to awkward moments and rushed confessions in less than ideal situations ... so here goes:

I'm a grown man, with a wife and family, and I still build 1:24 scale plastic model cars.

So there, it's out. Most guys I share this with give me an odd look, which translates roughly to 'Oh ... I stopped doing that when I discovered girls', or, 'what a loser', or 'geez, get a life'.

Well, I do have a life. Well, sort of, I think. Anyway this blog is intended to record progress, or lack thereof, in ongoing projects.

Photos of past work are here, mainly in styrene from the usual vendors:

I've also picked up a couple of high-end multi-materials kits, and pics of an ongoing attempt to build a kit of the 1970 Targa Florio-winning Porsche 908 from Model Factory Hiro are here:

In future posts, I'll outline some of the builds shown, as well as new builds as they progress.

Follow if you dare. This could get silly. Grown men in the basement with tubes of model airplane cement ... I think the Significant Other regards this as (marginally, perhaps) better than drinking and smoking and chasing women in a bar. Anyway please feel free to comment (anonymously of course, I wouldn't want to push anyone out of the closet who wasn't ready) with your own stories of builds.

It's easy: start with the Possum Lodge credo:

I'm a man
I can change
If I have to
I guess

And move on to the modeler's affirmation:

Hi, my name is T., and I'm a modeler.

Yr fthfl srvnt,

Originally posted 27 February 2014