Monday, July 31, 2017

Chrysler 300: Steel wheels rule

I've been away from the bench and this blog since late June, and I'll be away again in early August for over a week, so there hasn't been a lot of progress, and there might not be much further progress for another few weeks. (It's summer here in Canada and we're all out running around out in the fresh air, getting over the cabin fever. Isn't there a TV show where they keep saying 'Winter is coming' ...)

Anyway I thought I should clean up a few items that are almost done, starting with the Chrysler 300, and reassure my legions of faithful readers that I am still active. The main question was rims.

In the end I went for steel rims, painted red in contrast to the gunmetal grey of the body. (Thanks to Frank of the Model Car List for the suggestion around contrasting colour). The tires are the excellent Goodyear L60-15 Polyglas from the new AMT parts pack. These are a bit lower and a lot wider than the unlabeled tires on the kit, and as a result look a lot better.


So this was a box-stock build except for the ride height and the tires. Overall, what a lovely big brute. And I gather from Hemmings News that 1:1 versions can be had pretty cheap, too! Not that I want to have to buy gas for one.