Thursday, May 22, 2014

VW Type 2

Hasegawa's VW type 2 pickup now being available again, I can once again consider shoehorning a 956 drivetrain into the storage locker of the VW.

There's plenty of room for the 956 motor under the pickup bed, and I've got all the necessary components:
  1. a 935 body from AMT which could contribute fenders, air dams and wings, and which is coincidentally almost the same wheelbase as the VW;
  2. a couple of 956 kits from Tamiya to provide mechanical bits;
  3. a willingness to use the saw blade in my No. 11 handle.
That being said, the weather is finally looking good, so I'll be out riding the bicycle rather than slouching over styrene models and airplane glue in the workshop for the next few months. Progress on this, and other equally exciting projects, is likely to be slow until fall. So until then, enjoy summer! Fresh air is better than acetone fumes, man.

Originally posted 22 May 2014

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