Friday, August 15, 2014


So with the Alpine out of the way, it's time to consider some serious kit-bashing.

The VW Type 2 pickup has always been iconic and utilitarian but bog slow. The Porsche 956, along with its successor the 962, is one of the greatest endurance racers of all time, and is certainly iconic, but could not by any stretch of the imagination be called utilitarian. Google Derek Bell at Nurburgring and you will see what I mean.

So what could be better than a Type 2 with 956 power? There is lots of room under that deck for a twin-turbo flat six.


Sounds simple but I have come up with a couple of mutually exclusive options.

The first approach is to build up the Type 2 chassis, cutting as necessary to fit the 956 drivetrain. The wheelbase of the 956 is longer, and the floorpan is considerably wider, so using the 956 floorpan will require some cutting to fit. The rear fenders will need to be radiused, which will level the stance. Finally all the ducting for turbos, radiators and intercoolers will need to be scratchbuilt. However the look is clean and wicked.

The second approach is to build up the 956 chassis, inserting Type 2 bodywork as needed. In this case, the car will be a 956 with a Type 2 cab stuck in the nose. Imagine, if you will, in the picture below the cab lowered through a suitable cutout in the 956 bodywork, and the truck deck level with the tops of the fenders. The advantage is lots of aero, and the 956 chassis will go together as Tamiya intended, but the result will be a Type 2 cab stuck on a Group C car.

So the debate is on. Neither is a true fusion of 956 and Type 2, which would be a pickup with some aero bits and a big motor. Any ideas? e-mail me at DrTRants.

Either way I think the Gulf Oil colours are appropriate.

Originally posted 15 August 2014

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