Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Honda S800 drivetrain and chassis

I usually have no problems getting the mechanical bits to go together well and the S800 was no different.

The little four-cylinder sits in a simple ladder frame, with a well-located rear axle and convoluted exhaust manifolding leading into a pair of straight pipes. All very neat. Separately the saga of Tamiya TS 16 Yellow remains unresolved; I'll have to make up my mind whether to fix it or press on regardless at the point where the inner fenders need to go into the body.

I am glad I decided to get back into things with something fairly straightforward as I am stiff and made a few mistakes, among them tipping over a new bottle of flat aluminum paint. Fortunately nothing got soaked ... but this is an indication it is time to sit back and regroup. The Zen feeling is not there and there is no sense pushing, because I'll just make a mistake that can't easily be fixed, and bodywork usually makes me more tense than usual.

So on to eBay where the temptation to buy obscure stuff is almost irresistible ... there is material here for an entire post on its own. Stay tuned.

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