Monday, December 11, 2017

1966 Cadillac Coupe de Ville

My house is being renovated and I have moved to rented accommodations where I suspect paint fumes would be most unwelcome. (The photo shows my house as of Friday, not the rented accommodation...)

It will likely be February before I get back in, and probably March before my workspace is set up again. So no building for a while. However the mailman, for some reason, keeps bringing me boxes, so I am daydreaming. For example, this very nice vintage Jo-Han kit of the 1966 Coupe de Ville turned up today.

It's a long, low, barge from the post-fin era; it will sit nicely next to the Lincoln Continental and Chrysler 300. The obvious thing to do with something like this is to get it into the weeds as with the 300, also from Jo-Han, that I built a while back. There are lots of pictures of tail-dragging baggers on line, but only a few with chopped tops. In fact I could only find one after a brief online search (click here). Which makes a chop an interesting option.

The picture at the top is the model as it came out of the box. Next are a couple of options for a chop of about 3" at scale. The middle picture shows tilting the C-pillar forward and extending the rear deck; in the bottom picture the C-pillar has not only been tilted but also moved forward to the point where there won't be a rear seat and it becomes a Club Coupe de Ville. A third option, not shown, is to tilt the C-pillar but keep the rear deck intact, which would require extending the roof. (The online version would appear to follow this method).

What do you think? Comments welcome!

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