Monday, December 29, 2014

956 front clip progress

I built up the body contours below the headlights with thin styrene sheet and a quick coat of primer. I also opened up a hatch for engine access, mainly to allow the chassis to sit properly -- previously it was getting hung up on the tops of the coil-overs. At some point this will need to be sorted out, but meanwhile the stance is excellent.

The primer shows up the sloppy filler which is due to The Granddaughter appearing unexpectedly at the door just as I was spooning it on. (Yes, yes, she was with Mom and Pop, they don't let her out on her own yet, she's only 18. Months, that is.) So of course I dropped everything, closing the workshop door to keep her away from the knives and chemicals. Some sanding and cleanup will be needed as a result, at least to get it to my usual level of perfection (which is somewhere cleaner than 'rat rod' but nowhere near 'concours'). 

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