Thursday, January 1, 2015

Lotus Europa: complete, finally

I've been accused of starting a whole bunch of stuff and never finishing anything. A good point as I must have a dozen Le Mans and other racers still to be completed. So to address the criticism, I put in a concerted final push and got the finishing touches on the Europa without too much of a mess. The glass is (mostly) OK, the trim is (mostly) OK, and the pinstriping is not a mess by the simple expedient of not putting any on. The window surrounds came out OK with a fine brush and Testor's silver, and mechanically the car is good.

That said, the photos are poor, and seem to show more orange peel and dust than I can really see, even with the 4X glass. Disappointing but an interesting build of a car that always enchanted me from the first time I saw one in Road & Track; I'm older and wiser now and I know I don't really want one, even though it was a unique design and stood out as a beacon of minimalism in a world of '65 Galaxies.

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