Sunday, February 21, 2016

BRE 510 decals

Continuing the theme of Getting Things Built, I put most of the decals on the 510.

The biggest problem is that the shade of red on the decals is just a bit orange compared to the Testor's red I used, but I am going to let this go. I probably won't bother respraying the 240Z, either.

The decals, being new, were a joy: quickly loosened, easily slid into place, no cracking or splitting, stayed put once I dried them. I think that from here on, I will scan decal sheets before starting to cut them up, so I can print a new sheet if an old one acts up.

Tomorrow is another day; Monday apparently, so I have to go to work. Stay tuned. Spring is around the corner, and with it the bicycle, so there may not be a lot of modeling left. We've had an extraordinarily mild winter which has reduced the number of days where you really can't go out unless you are some kind of nut, and at the current rate we'll be out of the freezing slop in no time.

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