Sunday, February 21, 2016

Skyline update

So I decided to make a push to complete at least one of the ongoing projects. Get through a couple of these, I figured, and my completion rate could improve dramatically. So I tackled the remaining bits on the R34 Skyline: interior assembly, exterior details, final assembly.

It turned out pretty good, I think, although as noted before, the level of detail of this Tamiya kit is not as high as that of the 2000 GT-R, also from Tamiya. The under-hood shot shows this pretty clearly, even if you ignore the ignition wiring that I added to the 2000 GT-R.

This takes the completion ratio from 37.0% to 37.8% (51 models).

However I also made the mistake of ordering a few new items from a Japanese web site, increasing the total number of unstarted kits and thus dropping the completion rate to 36.4%. In particular I ordered another pair of Skylines.

The first one is the 1964 Prince Skyline 2000 GT. This 4-door sedan had a 2 litre 6, and the S54B version was equipped with three Webers, an overhead cam and a 5-speed box; it was apparently raced in Japan and came close to beating the Porsche 904. Styling, as with a lot of early '60s Japanese cars, is an acquired taste. Prince was in the process of being acquired by Nissan and the Prince brand disappeared from later cars, although Nissan retained the Skyline name. This Fujimi kit is curbside (no engine) but will make an interesting addition to the suite of Skylines. Box art shows it in a yucky two-tone brown and beige scheme:

In 1973, Nissan released the successor to the 2000 GT-R shown above. Where the earlier car was quite attractive, this so-called C110 version had an enormous C-pillar that dominated the side view: The Datsun 610 had similar oddball 'styling', although not as extreme. Again the engine was the attractive part, and this Fujimi kit appears to have full engine detail.

As with most things, you can find more information on these and other Skylines on Wikipedia, which is where I got most of this.

I will post details of these acquisitions, along with three other kits ordered at the same time, as they turn up in the mail. So New Completions: 1; New Acquisitions: 5. I am making progress but in the wrong direction.

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