Monday, April 11, 2016

Abarth OT 1300: chassis complete

The suspension front and rear has come together and I was able to mock it all up. It looks good; the rear track may need narrowing by means of grinding out the inner wheel such that the wheel can be pushed over the stub axle and disc a bit more. It is about the size of a Lotus Europa which many of you will know is tiny; the Mini of the same vintage towers over both of them.

A reader posted a comment asking about the source of the kit. It is from the Japanese manufacturer Model Factory Hiro, where it appears it is no longer listed (click here). I may have gotten it from Strada Sports although to be honest I don't see it on their site either (click here).  Interestingly, Island Collectibles list the Abarth as a curbside (click here and scroll to the bottom) which it most definitely is not. It is indeed a very nice kit, and is one of those things that if you see it, you should grab it regardless of price because there likely aren't a lot of them out there. 

It's a so-called multi-media kit because it includes parts of spun cast white metal, resin, vacuum-formed clear plastic, photo-etched sheet, some odd hard metal chrome, etc. As with a lot of these companies, the instruction sheet is vague and lacks detail; you need to do a lot of trial fitting, filing, drilling out of little holes, filing of dowels, etc. In the end it is well worth it because you get something unique and the build is challenging.

I also have a couple of early Porsches (908/03 and 917K) and a Cobra Daytona Coupe from Model Factory Hiro. I have started on the 908/03 (see this blog starting here) but it is a monster and you should practice on simpler multi-media kits first. The 917 looks to be equally complex; the Cobra should be simpler. I got the Cobra from Strada Sports, and the Porsches from Island Collectibles. Unfortunately, MFH seems to be moving to all 1:12 scale; the detail is presumably mind-blowing but at really exorbitant prices, and it will take up a lot of space in your cabinet.

Stay tuned. The interior looks pretty straightforward, then it is on to the body. The weather is still cold here and progress is still possible before us winter-weary Canadians all head en masse to the deck.

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