Monday, April 4, 2016

Abarth OT 1300: engine progress

Progress is being made. The objective is to complete at least one resin kit as a morale booster, before going back to face the monster (and monstrous) 908, or one of the many Profil 24 kits sitting on the shelf.

The engine is essentially complete, lacking only exhaust pipes before I can insert it into the chassis and finish up the engine compartment. (The flat white paint is drying). Note the large oil reservoir, about 7 litres at scale, bolted to the block below the carbs. There is also a proper deep sump, so while not a dry sump, it certainly carried several gallons of oil.

The plug wiring is a bit messy, but I am quite pleased with the alternator belt. Once installed in the engine compartment, there are a range of bits such as remote oil filters and fuel pumps that can all be connected, and I do have some braided hose, so maybe I'll get carried away.

The instruction 'sheet' is pretty amusing. It consists of a single 8 1/2 X 11 sheet, printed on two sides, showing the various components and where they go; and two more sheets printed on two sides with a total of 16 colour photos of a specific 1:1 car, all taken May 16, 1993. This is where you get the information around colours, hoses, etc. It would be interesting to know which specific car is modeled here.

It's getting exciting. Stay tuned!

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