Friday, September 30, 2016

Audi S1: chassis and drivetrain Part 3

Another attempt to spray Tamiya White (TS 26), this time over automotive-grade primer/sealer, also failed and ended back in the alcohol bath. So it will be Testor's.

The engine is essentially complete. These kits require a lot of trial fitting, and I highly recommend drilling out any dowels and replacing with pins made of brass rod of 1/16" or less. In this case, the turbocharger, intercooler and intake manifold benefited from this approach. In spite of this the intercooler is slightly cockeyed, which deliberately does not show up in the picture.

The body has been cleaned up and washed in alcohol, and the largest sinkholes (all underneath) have been filled with putty. I'll sand out the putty and primer the body tomorrow, and I am sure that will be followed by lots of sanding to smooth out rough bits. I'll get to the hobby shop for paint by Monday or Tuesday, at which point the engine can go in permanently along with the drivetrain and interior. Once I get paint to stick, we will have made more steps forward than back...

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