Saturday, October 8, 2016

Lancia Stratos: Revell OOP kit

While waiting for the Testor's white enamel to harden properly on the Audi S1, I tackled the out-of-production Lancia Stratos from Revell USA. This kit came from Model Roundup's OOP page, and on opening it I discovered an official invitation to join the Revell Modelers Club, dated 1977. Two dollars got you a bunch of (probably cheap) swag, Please Allow 6 weeks For Delivery. How times have changed.

The kit suffers from major flash and sinkholes. While the 2.4 litre Ferrari V6 is present, detail is limited. The two main body components (body and rear engine cover) are poor fits and will require lots of fiddling. The Hasegawa kit that I have described previously has no engine detail but at least the body fits. So the ultimate outcome will be limited by kit quality.

I decided to target the lovely first generation cars, without spoilers, flares or rally lights, as shown in the photo below taken from the internet. What a lovely muscular little shape, the beginning of the wedge era which reached its nadir with the Triumph TR7. All the aero bits distract from this.

The first step, after lots of trimming of flash and sinkholes, was to cut off the spoiler and trim the rear flares. The tires will still be fat but the square flares can be trimmed back for aesthetic if not legal purposes.

Next was Tamiya primer followed by a coat of Tamiya Pearl Green (TS 60) which turns out to be a poor replica of the violent lime green I recall seeing on early road cars. I'll sand it out and decide whether to look for something more representative of the 1970's.

So another kit started ... trust me, other kits are being completed and will be reported in due course. Yes, really!

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