Thursday, December 29, 2016

Audi R10 TDi: completed

So this one is out of the way, but not one of my better efforts. The kit is relatively low resolution, with some challenges.

For instance, getting the upper body to mate with the chassis was challenging, in part because the chassis is made up of two pieces: a floor pan, and a front splitter which is part of the interior tub. A better approach would be to attach the splitter to the chassis or body, keeping the floor pan separate.

The tires are big and a very tight fit in the fenders -- you need to put them on after mating the body to the chassis. Perhaps I mounted the suspension bits wrong, but the tires don't all lie flush with the body panels, either, requiring a struggle to get them to fit properly. They appear to me to perhaps be slightly out of scale. And getting the engine cover in place is a struggle, meaning it will likely stay on -- as the engine detail is only fair, this isn't a big loss because displaying it is not necessarily a priority.

Finally the carbon fibre decals were a challenge, and many got left off: they are all too big and need to be trimmed afterwards, and the fact these were 10 years old meant they didn't stick very well.

So the kit is important if, as I do, you want to document the range of drivetrains used at Le Mans; it can be frustrating and a more level-headed approach to it might have led to better results. For instance, scratch-building the missing induction piping from the turbo compressors, to the intercoolers, and to the intake plenums, would have made a better model. And trimming carbon fibre decals to the right size with a hobby knife prior to wetting them would have meant a lower risk of loss.

So this brings 2016 to an end in terms of completed kits. Looking back, there were some successes, including my first resin kit (Abarth Periscopio), the Citroen van with scratch-built door hinges, the Freightliner with the crane, etc. In fact most turned out relatively well, with minor flaws that serve as learning experiences for improving future builds. And all of it completed since August, when I retired. Clearly my career was having a major impact on my hobbies!

So here is wishing my faithful readers, if any, a happy, healthy and hobby-filled 2017. Keep sniffin' the glue, man!

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