Friday, December 23, 2016

Lancia 037: Completion

Another one done! Completion ratio is now 34.2%, and yes, if it seems the ratio is flat or even declining, it is because I have been unable to resist some 'deals' online ... details to follow in another post.

This Lancia 037 models the 1983 Monte Carlo winner, with Walter Röhrl at the wheel, and complements a series of other rally cars in my collection: 1967 Mini Cooper S, 1971 Alpine A110, 1976 Lancia Stratos and 1985 Peugeot 205 Turbo, not to mention a whole shelf full of incomplete or unstarted resin kits.

The car is a proper little tube-framed hot rod, and is unusual with its supercharger -- the competition was largely moving to turbos by then.

This one turned out well, all things considered. A few dust specks wound up in the clear coat after the decals went on, and a couple of the bigger decals have wrinkles in them, but you really have to look for the flaws. I am considering building a better paint booth, as the current set up with a fan stuck in the window seems to promote dust.

All in all, a very pleasant kit, all the bits go together well, and there are minimal flaws such as flash. I decided not to cut off the rear engine lid, as the glass hatch allows plenty of visibility, and the level of engine detail does not require more visibility. 

Some additional detail would be nice, for instance around the engine compartment, but the added bits on the photo-etched sheet in the dress-up kit from Hasegawa are well done, even if the sheet is a bit thin. I mangled one of the wipers from the PE sheet and decided to use the styrene ones, but apart from that, all the grille work is much nicer in PE than in styrene.

With practice, I am getting quicker and better at the styrene stuff. There is an Audi R10 TDi on bench which got started recently, and which just requires fixing the paint (some sloppy taping here) before going to the decals-and-clearcoat stage; maybe I will finish that up. But at some point I need to put the styrene aside and get back to the resin. There are 24 resin kits on the shelf, another 4 on the bench, and only one complete. I need to overcome the curse of the 908/03 and get back into it; a couple of successful builds will help. Stay tuned!

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