Friday, June 23, 2017

BRE 240 Z: Chassis

A push got the engine and suspension installed, and the interior completed. Like the 510, the engine includes flexible piping for the remote oil filter, cooler, and catch tank. They are a bit of a struggle to get it in once the engine is in place, so connecting hoses to the engine before installing is a good idea. Furthermore, the suggested hose lengths in the instructions are too long (which I suppose is better than too short).

Speaking of installing the engine, the location is a bit hit and miss. The crossmember under the transmission doesn't connect to a dowel or other positive location method, so you need to guess where it goes. The rear suspension is similarly vague.

Both suspension units are fragile and getting the tires and wheels in place without too much flex is a challenge. Unfortunately I managed to snap off the left rear hub. Some drilling and pinning will be needed once the glue all sets.

The overall struggles with fit of the mechanical bits was a bit disappointing, and in retrospect I got tied up in problem solving when I should have spent more time removing the ejector pin marks which are quite visible under the hood.

All in all, it is like the 510: a bit finicky but very well detailed. A beginner will be frustrated by this kit, but patience and some mid-level skills will be rewarded.

I had hoped to get this completed today, which would have brought the completion ratio (number of finished kits divided by total kits) to 33.5%; unfortunately the broken hub put a stop to that plan. Next will be finishing the body and final assembly; this won't happen for a while as I plan to be away from the bench for a few weeks. Have a great summer!

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