Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Mosquito: Fuselage assembly complete

After couple of hours of fussing and fidgeting and stressing, the fuselage halves are now mated and glued.

Overall an excellent fit, and the tail fin rotates as it should.

This will sit wrapped in rubber bands, probably for a few weeks if not a month or two, before I am able to get back to it. Completing the fuselage is a bit of a milestone, after 42 steps and 18 pages; next are the wing and tailplane assemblies (steps 43 to 68) and the motors (steps 69 to 100, repeated twice).

The kit is very detailed and perhaps the only beef so far, apart from a few ejector pin marks in locations where no one will see them, is the fact that some of the more fragile bits are attached via substantial sprues, so cutting them off risks breaking the part.

Another complaint might be that some items should go together in a different sequence. I discovered that steps 223 and 224 probably should take place before the fuselage halves are glued together, especially if paint will need to be scraped off an inaccessible surface on the fuselage to take parts 10L and 75L. I have done this, but I am concerned that the cockpit door (steps 226 and 227) will be a challenge now that the inner hinges are inaccessible. In any case it is well advised to read the manual through, not just at the beginning but as you go along to see how the current subassembly will be incorporated in the larger build.

In spite of these minor concerns, this is a very well done kit and will reward an advanced modeler. 

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