Friday, October 20, 2017

D-Type: Complete, except for glass

... and glass always makes me very nervous, especially the vacuum-formed sheet that you have to cut out, so it is on hold until tomorrow, maybe.

A very interesting car. XKD 606 was one of the last ones built; with the long nose and the fin, it stood out and was successful at Le Mans and for a number of years afterwards.

A very interesting kit as well. It is well done, as you would expect given the price, but the usual resin challenges arise. Lots of fiddling and fabrication are needed to get it right. Problems I ran into included the rear axle not being straight (unglued and modified the right rear trailing arm assembly), and the front suspension which is too high (not fixed). Finally the instruction sheet should not be followed in sequence as there are bits that are not mentioned until too late; you should read it carefully and plan your own route through it. Nonetheless this is a particularly well made kit and is among the best I have seen from Profil 24.

I also scratch-built a couple of additions. The engine is wired, using a Parts by Parks 8-cylinder distributor with two wires cut off. The hood and the fuel filler cap are hinged, with hinges fabricated from various Model Car Garage packs and the parts bin.

Overall I am very happy to have it on the shelf, where it fills a critical gap in the Le Mans lineup. Most of the collection is safely in storage as I plan home renovations, so there are currently no pictures of it with the DBR1 (1959 winner) until I move back in, hopefully early in the winter.

What's next, apart from the glass? I'm not sure, but if the contractors turn up in a week or two to start demolishing, maybe nothing until mid-winter. Ciao!

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