Saturday, February 10, 2018

52 Hudson: Body mods

Before getting up the nerve to start cutting the roof off, I've spent some time dechroming and smoothing the body.

The chromed rocker panels are gone, as are the door and trunk handles. The little range-finder ornaments on the fender tops have also been cut off. I've decided to leave the long chrome strip ending in the little rocket on, as it breaks up the slab side nicely, and the little rocket is cute.

The rear roll pan has been filled in, and just needs a bit of smoothing. Next will be some halfround stock to extend the fender cap from the gas cap door and downwards. A tidy little taillight will need to be designed to fit in there. The spare parts bin may come in handy. 

I am also looking at simple little bumper overiders front and rear, and a clean grille. First I'll need to dechrome the existing bits, which will require sourcing some Easy-Off.

Yes, I am procrastinating before taking the saw to the roof.

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