Sunday, February 11, 2018

52 Hudson: Top chop

There is nothing like spending a nice, quiet, snowy Sunday morning hacking the roof off a Hudson.

A decent assortment of implements includes photo-etched blades from Model Car Garage, and a fine two edged blade in a holder which I believe I got at The Hobby Centre in Ottawa.

The cut was about 1" at scale through the windshield posts, tapering to a 3" chop at the C-pillar. The tilt of the roof, and the amount of the chop, meant that the roof really needed to be lengthened. This required bringing out the big 54 tpi blade.

In the end the stretch required was about 6.25" at scale.

The gap got built up with 1/4" strip, in this case using a shallow C-channel because that was what I had on hand. The remaining channel section will get filled with 0.030" strip which I will pick up tomorrow at Hobby Junction in suburban Montreal.

In theory, I should also widen the roof with an opening tapered towards the rear, to allow for the deeper chop at the back. (I think I can bend the windshield and door posts sufficiently to fake it). Plan B will be to build up the lower edge of the C-pillar with styrene stock, and use the opportunity to take off the drip rails.

Progress is being made. As with everything I have built over the last while, painting will be a problem until I move back into my place and set up the workshop again. So the puttying and sanding will continue, possibly with the odd bit of primer on days when I can open the window, but final painting will have to wait.

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