Wednesday, March 28, 2018

52 Hudson: Finishing touches and final assembly (#3 for 2018)

Not one of my better foiling jobs, especially when blown up with the camera, but it will look OK behind a glass cabinet. The jury is still out on this one: foil, or tape and paint (or even paint freehand on days when the hand is steady enough). I do like how the Hornet text comes up nicely with a drop of red paint, though.

The grille is a problem. I have built an eggcrate with a fair resemblence to the classic Chrysler 300 unit, using bits from the stash and part of the Hudson grille that looks good from far, but is far from good if you look up close. It may just have to do for now; I'll wedge it in without glue so I can pop it out and replace it if I get carried away at some later date. I recently saw a How-To on Facebook outlining a 'simple' approach to an eggcrate grille and maybe I need to play around with this.

Glass has been cut to fit (front and rear) or made new (rear quarter windows). The front vent wings have also been cut down and the frames painted.

The stance is definitely snout-up. All in all I am pleased, although as usual there are plenty of places where I could have done better.

I'd love to hear the rumble of the big sixes on Main Street! Not evident in the picture is how much lower the Hudson is, starting with the perimeter frame and continuing with the top chop.

Next up: The New Modeler's Club (a closed group on Facebook, but open to new members and well worth joining) is running a build-off, the theme being drop-tops. (For unknown reasons, the admin selected the code word Smokey & the Bandit). My entry will be a well-modified Honda S600. Expect somewhat more than the stock 57 horsepower at 8500 RPM ... stay tuned as I shoehorn some bigger bits into it.

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