Tuesday, January 26, 2016

BRE Datsuns: paint progress

The BRE Datsuns benefited from a session with 2000 grit paper under running water, followed by some touch up paint and a coat of Testor's clear. This having all worked out reasonably well, next is the decals and some touch-up such as wipers and window surrounds before a final coat of clear.

While waiting for things to dry, I had a look through the 510 instruction manual. The kit includes some rubber tubing and instructions on using it to assemble a full dry-sump lubrication system, so I decided to add a distributor made from some plug wiring and two bits of brass tube of 1.0 and 1.5 mm OD respectively.

This went reasonably well, but again I noticed how prices have increased: my older bottle of CA glue, which had dried out and had to be thrown out, had a $4.99 price tag on it; the new one was $8.49. Now I happen to know that we are in a period of low interest rates (returns for my pension plan providing plenty of evidence of this fact) so I don't understand why paints and glues have gone up by 50% or 100% over the last year or two.

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