Sunday, January 24, 2016

BRE Datsuns: painting woes continue

So I got a decent coat of white, in the sense that the pigment actually stayed on the car rather than running off in a puddle, on both the 510 and the 240Z. Then I taped them up and sprayed the tops red, all prior to heading out of town for the weekend. I used Testor's this time, using well-shaken, new cans soaked in a warm water bath prior to spraying, but the orange peel in the white is still atrocious. (The red isn't too bad). I sense some fine grit sandpaper in my future.

One other point: It seems to me that rattle cans have gotten very expensive. A can of Tamiya primer and two Testor's cans (red and white) came to well over $30 at the Local Hobby Shop, even before sales taxes. So figuring out how to put the stuff on properly becomes even more important as prices climb. Maybe it's time to start looking into air brushes, which is something I have wanted to avoid as being yet another skill that needs to be mastered, that requires lots of expensive gubbinses, and that will degrade if not practiced regularly. Any thoughts from My Faithful Readers? Assuming I have any? Hello? Anyone out there? Use the comment button, I won't publish the comment if you don't want me too.

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