Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mercedes 190 SL bodywork

I taped together the individual body parts making up the Mercedes-Benz 190 body, in order to keep it all relatively straight while the glue holding the right side components together sets. (The right side gets assembled, then glued to the chassis, then the left side is attached -- a recipe for disaster if not planned for). Once the glue had set, I sprayed it all with Testor's red. This revealed some fairly major sinkholes in the body sides, so next will be primer, putty, sanding, more primer and red paint, followed by touch ups such as chrome trim and a coat of clear. So from this:

... to this (see my separate post on the BRE Datsuns):

So by the simple expedient of starting three kits, I have shifted the number of unstarted kits below 50%. An accounting trick, you say? Well, I say it's all in the definition: Complete or ongoing 67 kits (48.6%); not started 67 kits; balance unopened, on order or basically stalled forever (4 kits). And with a bit of effort, there is a Mazda 787B and a Nissan GT-R that really just need glass to be complete. Perhaps I should focus ...

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