Saturday, November 19, 2016

Freightliner update

The Freightliner is essentially complete, except for gas tanks and battery boxes that need to be installed after the Italeri boom goes in -- the stabilising legs for the boom will interfere with the standard gas tank locations.

This is an amalgam of the two recently re-released AMT kits: the dual-drive tractor with the sleeper cab, and the single-drive tractor with the day cab. I've put the day cab on the long, dual-drive chassis so as to make room for the boom immediately behind the cab.

The kit is disappointing for an AMT kit. It's all pretty sloppy: there are no part numbers on the sprues, and the sprue is typically very thick where it meets the part. This is a particularly big problem on chrome parts where simply removing the part from the sprue leaves a big white scar, frequently in a visible spot. As well, a lot of parts are not doweled and it is easy to assemble things in the wrong location. Finally the tilt cab hangs up on the gearshift lever, which stays with the chassis; this is not major but you do need to be careful to line it all up properly. Altogether this is not a problem for an experienced builder (I built this one as a kid in the late 1960's), but it is clearly not beginner material.

As the boom controls are on the left side of the truck, I've left off the left-side exhaust. I also shortened the exhaust pipe, adding a bend from the Italeri kit, because I figure no one wants to tangle the boom up in an excessively long pipe. (European trucks all have exhausts at curb level, under the chassis). I'll post again once the boom is complete and tanks have been installed.

I've always liked the look of these big cab-over trucks, especially with the visor pulled down low -- they almost look chopped, and flat black or a dark grey would look neat. I chose some less menacing colours here. The remaining bits from the second kit will serve for the Allison-powered rat rod, where the flat grey paint will come in handy. Stay tuned.

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