Friday, November 11, 2016

Freightliners: planning stage

It's amazing how many stalled kits I can get completed now that I am retired! So after the 300 SL, on to something bigger. I have two Freightliner kits: a single-drive (SD) chassis with a short cab, and a dual drive (DD) with a sleeper cab.

The SD chassis has been modified to take an Allison V12 aero engine, but the whole thing sits way too high to be a proper rat rod. More cutting is on the horizon. Also the body ought to be something more or less aero, for instance the general shape of a Spitfire, not the barn door shape of a Freightliner ... so this will require some planning.

Meanwhile the long-wheelbase DD chassis is essentially complete and with the arrival of the SD, I now have the choice of cabs. I am going to put the short cab on the long wheelbase, and maybe I will build some form of platform instead of the fifth wheel. This could also involve lengthening the chassis.

In particular I have another copy of Italeri's truck accessory kit, the one with the boom that I already mounted on the Unimog, so whatever develops is likely to have a boom on it. Stay tuned ... I have an entire shelf set aside for trucks, and there is really only the Mog in there now. Other unopened boxes include Krupp and B├╝ssing models from Revell Germany, a Bedford from Emhar, Italeri's well-regarded Volvo F12, Ford C600 stake truck and LN8000 race car carrier, and the Dodge A600 with the Little Red Wagon on a trailer.  There is even a Jimmy Flintstone White COE cab that needs a chassis. Lots to keep me busy. So enough blogging and back to the bench.

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