Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Skylines: Three down, one to go

The Prince Skyline 2000 GT (model S54B, for the pedants) is complete. The kit involved some chrome bits which attach to the tree through a visible part of the bit -- not a major issue except the chrome is over black plastic, so the little scar where you cut it off is quite visible and requires fixing, either with silver paint or bare metal foil. Apart from that it all went together well, and the lack of an engine is the only major disappointment.

KPGC10 and (incomplete) S54B.

S54B and KPGC110.

Clockwise from left: KPGC10, S54B, KPGC110, R32.
The missing one is the third in the series, model KPGC110. This is a full kit of the ugliest one of the lot, looking like a Datsun 610 steroids (which is what it probably was, to be honest). The second one (KPGC10) and the most recent one (R32 through R34) are quite attractive. Keep an eye out and you will see right-hand drive R32-R34s on the streets in Canada; I have never seen a KPGC10 which was apparently built in small numbers and which therefore fetches a bundle today.

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