Friday, April 14, 2017

917 K Gulf Oil: paint

So I decided that what the shelf really needs is a 917. I've got five kits of this iconic racer; three are resin or multimedia, of which one is of the 1969 LH and another of the later 917 PA that looks so much like the 908/03. I decided to stick to styrene, and to the short tail 917 K. I have two copies of the Fujimi kit on the shelf, so out came the Gulf Oil version as raced in the 1971 Monza 1000.

The box doesn't list the drivers, but my good buddy Rick E. Pedia tells me the winning car, entered by John Wyer, was driven Pedro Rodriguez and Jackie Oliver. Rodriguez was known to be completely fearless, and especially quick in the rain as a result; he was also one of the few drivers who managed to completely tame the 917.

The kit comes molded in a horrible shade of pale green, see below; this is quite a long way from the pale blue associated with the Gulf Oil cars. I went for Tamiya light blue, TS 23, rather than the Testor's pale blue I picked for the MFH 908/03. The Tamiya is perhaps a bit dark, darker than the cap on the can might indicate, but it is pretty close and will do.

When I got the kit, I ordered the more detailed engine from Historic Racing Miniatures, so this will be part of the adventure. I will be away for 10 days so the paint will have plenty of time to harden. Stay tuned!

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