Monday, April 10, 2017

Blog organisation

A while back I decided to split out the 1:43 and aircraft posts into separate blogs. The reason was to keep things manageable in the absence of any obvious way to sort things by anything but post date.

I have now brought these two blogs, including all past posts, into this one. This is because I have discovered that I can apply labels to posts, and put a bar at the top of the page listing the labels. Clicking on the appropriate label ('Aircraft', for instance) will show all posts with the label Aircraft. I think this will be an easier way of allowing readers to quickly zoom into specific content.

So there are a few labels that are either-or propositions (1:24 or 1:43) while others may apply to several blogs (1:24 hot rods, for instance). Perhaps the only either-or proposition that I did not implement is resin versus styrene; I have not labelled the styrene kits and won't unless there is an uproar.

As always, comments are most welcome.

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