Thursday, April 6, 2017

Porsche 907 chassis

The 907 turned out to be an excellent pick for a quick build with decent results. It is clearly a classic Heller kit at heart, in spite of the Japanese packaging; a lot of the bits go together in a way that is very reminiscent of Heller's Alpine A210 that I put together some time ago.

The engine is pretty simple. I added plug wiring; the engine has a pair of 4-cylinder distributors driven off the back of the motor and one plug per cylinder. The 908/03, as modeled by MFH, has the 3-litre motor, twin plug heads and a single distributor driven off the front of the engine.

Once installed, the chassis tubing is interesting, but locations for it all are poorly defined. The classic Tamiya kits of Le Mans cars all have much better dowel and socket arrangements. There are no ignition coils; I am just going to fake it by running coil wires forward to the bulkhead.

All in all, a nice, quick build that will look good in spite of the low parts count and the relatively simplistic representation of major components. Next up: the initial coat of white on the body shell is drying; it will need taping and a coat of red around the front bodywork. Not bad for having opened up the box less than 6 hours ago.

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