Saturday, May 13, 2017

Dodge L 700 cab

While waiting for info on the Mill City Replicas Ford COE, I decided to tackle a forward-control cab from the shelf: the Dodge L700 from Lindberg with the notoriously tricky doors. (Yes, I will get back to the 917 shortly).

The paint needs a bit of cleaning up, but the black with red trim looks good. The front axles appear to be way too long and will be needing a trim.

What a stubby little thing! It makes the Unimog look enormous. Mind you the Mog is 1/24 and the L700 is 1/25, but still.

It's been an easy build so far. Final assembly is still to come, though, and this is where the fight with the door hinges will arise. I built the Little Red Wagon, with similar hinges, some time ago, and I recall that nothing fit, which is why I posed it in the display cabinet with the door open :).

This particular kit came from the Little Red Wagon team combo, so I have another unbuilt A100 as well as a trailer. Next will be to decide if I am going to build up the A100, and if so in what form. I've got a van body for it from Jimmy Flintstone, but I expect this will entail the usual headaches in getting it to fit. I've also got a slant 6 from Ross Gibson, but it would be a shame to build this up and then hide it under the engine hump where it will never be seen again. Stay tuned!

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