Thursday, May 18, 2017

Nissan R89C with metal engine bits

I got my hands on a Hasegawa kit of the R89C, with the engine molded in white metal instead of the usual styrene.

A head scratcher, this one! I had no idea Hasegawa did this sort of thing. The other Hasegawa kits in my collection tend to have little or no engine detail, with the old Honda RA 272E being perhaps the best detailed of the lot, which isn't saying much. (Many years ago, I built up the R90C made by Tamiya, which still looks pretty good today even though I spent no time on the outward appearance.)

Rummaging around on eBay, I found a Ferrari 642 in the same series, as well as several aircraft at various scales other than 1/24. Gunze Sangyo had the high-tech series but I was unaware of Hasegawa's efforts in this area. I'd be curious to get a listing of what they made.

Inside the kit it looks a lot like the similar Tamiya kit, except for the blue box occupying one end of the kit. Opening this up, it was full of baggies, each with a selection of spun-cast bits. (Be careful if you go this route - at least one baggie had torn over time and the bits in it spilled out onto the floor. Hopefully I found them all...).

There are also some metal rods, and the thickest bit of photoetched sheet I have ever seen. Slab would be a better word than sheet, and this is nice because these bits model the rear subframe and suspension parts, so getting it all straight should be relatively easy.

Also delivered today was a Johan kit of the 1968 Chrysler 300 hardtop. I've always thought this was a particularly striking car, appearance-wise, and I'd been watching for a clean one for some time. I intend build it up as close to stock as I can.

Right, enough about new purchases, time to get back to building! The completion ratio (kits completed divided by total kits on hand) is not getting any better.

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