Thursday, November 2, 2017

Audi S1: Complete

Getting the wing on was a challenge but there is a relatively easy path through it, if you are brave (or foolhardy) enough to tackle this kit: glue the rear deck cover onto the body over the radiators (you can use temporary glue here if you want to be able to remove the cover); glue in the two vertical supports for the wing (sandwiched between the resin body and the deck cover); add the three wing pieces sequentially, starting with the largest one at the front and ensuring the vertical support slots into the groove in the underside of each wing, and that the wings are all the same length; add the end-plates. The photos illustrate the process:


I'm calling it done, with just an air dam and four mud flaps, all photo-etched, left to finish it. The kit includes six big spotlights mounted on a pair of flimsy photo-etched tripods in front of the grille; one of the tripods escaped and got eaten by Mr Carpet, so unless it reappears intact, the spotlights will go in the spare parts bin along with the stone guard under the oil pan.

It was a challenging build, and I could have been a lot cleaner on the paint. These resin and metal kits are all tricky; for example I finally succeeded in making wipers out of photo-etched parts after multiple failures in previous kits.

I am guessing this is the view competitors would have had of it ...

Overall no regrets, though; the flaws are mainly of my own doing and this is a useful learning step as I get better at multi-media kits with the goal of (eventually...) getting back to the 908/03. Next: I'll tackle the glass on the D-Type, which will finish that up, then time to wrap it all up in bubble wrap for storage as I head for home renovations over the next 2 to 3 months. Once I get back to it, probably early in February, maybe I'll tackle a nice simple Tamiya kit for a change ... In the meantime, I am counting on you, my Faithful Readers (if any), to carry the modeling torch forward!

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