Friday, November 3, 2017

Matra MS 640: Saga of the mold release agents

A couple of coats of Dupli-Color sandable primer showed no problem with mold release agents trying to poke through the paint. An additional coat of Tamiya Fine Primer (light grey, over the dark grey Dupli-Color) likewise showed no problem. However it is clear that there is a spot at the top of the left front fender that is actively repelling Tamiya TS-10 French Blue paint, even through multiple coats of primer.

So once it is good and hard, in a couple of days, I'll start with light sanding and another light coat of blue. If that fails, I'll sand that fender top down to the resin and apply some acetone locally using a Q-Tip. Then I'll build the paint back up by spraying primer and colour from a distance (all on rattle cans). Seems Murphy was watching and didn't buy my subservient attitude...

Meanwhile the rest of the car looks good, and the panel gaps look good even without washing in a thinned lacquer. The stance is also fine, which would be easy enough to fix given the axles are two metal shafts just like the old AMT system.

In fact the stance illustrates the wasp-waist approach taken by the designer, which extends into the floor pan. Was this part of the aerodynamic error that launched Pescarolo into the scenery?

More to come!

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