Tuesday, April 10, 2018

956 Pickup complete (#4 for 2018)

A push got this to a point where it is good enough, if not perfect.

The initial idea came from a picture, on the Scale Auto website, of a small Japanese pickup with the 956 rear chassis replacing the pickup bed. I figured if you were going to mate a 956 and a pickup, it should be a Type 2 and not a Japanese truck. Plus there should be plenty of room in the storage locker for a flat six.

Hasegawa's Type 2 and one of Tamiya's many versions of the 956 were sacrificed to this, as was the front clip from AMT's 935.

The 935 is a very cheap kit, so there was no pain in cutting it up. Both the Hasegawa and Tamiya kits are excellent, with the engine detail perhaps being the weak point in the Hasegawa. However, this is no longer a problem.

It's not perfect but it will serve well as a conversation-starter.

A couple of early planning pictures follow. Basic layout:

Air flow management:

It's going to need an air dam:

The 935 bites the dust:

What's next? Not sure. Stay tuned!

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