Sunday, April 29, 2018

Honda S600: Complete (#5 for 2018)

I'm quite happy with this one, which was built for The New Modelers Club ragtop build-off. As always the finishing could have been cleaner, but as always I am more interested in engineering mules than in show pieces.

I really like the S2000 drivetrain and how it fits. And the fat little pipe should be nice and raucous!

Comparison with the S800 is interesting. A couple of minor differences are now obvious (grille, tail lamps), but the customised bodywork with the extra foot of added width really makes a difference.

Under the hood is where the biggest difference lurks. Well, OK, the S2000 unit doesn't exactly lurk. Looming might be a better term.

Eight hundred cc and just under 80 hp (a very respectable 100 hp per litre), versus 2 litres and 240 hp. My Volvo V60 makes 250 hp, but needs 2.5 litres and a turbo to do so, making the S2000 engine a real outlier. 

It's almost like the difference between 289 and 427 Cobras...

So this has taken a lot of time and effort. Lots of scratch-building and fiddling (and the hood still doesn't quite fit); maybe I need a box-stock build as a break. Stay tuned!

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