Thursday, January 5, 2017

1/43 BRM H16: overview

I described this kit in my last post... and yes, it is at 1/43 scale, not 1/24 (or 1/25). My excuse is that it is a fascinating little car, and unavailable in 1/24. Go ahead, sue me.

The kit is mostly spun-cast white metal, with a small photo-etched sheet (heck, it's 1/43, everything is small), machined aluminum rims, rubber tires and a few other little bits in a series of heat-sealed bags. There are no resin or styrene bits. I opened the two little Zip-Loc baggies and spilled all the white metal bits out onto my work surface.

In the photo: engine bits to the right front, chassis and wheels left front, cockpit stuff centre rear, and odds & ends in the middle. I rebagged it all in some semblance of order.

The main engine components appear well defined, although I am sure the usual issues will arise around dowel and socket joints -- the dowels will need some careful filing to get rid of scarf without damaging the dowel, and the sockets will need drilling to clean them out.

The instructions seem reasonable, and the level of detail, while high, doesn't look excessive. Still the 4X magnifying glass will get some use, as will the tweezers and the detail glue applicator. To be continued ...

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  1. Morning Tom,
    This will be a fun build to watch. MFH stuff is always entertaining. I have never built anything from them. They are just too expensive for my tastes. They DO make some nice subjects though.