Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Suzuki Jimney hot rod: Chassis

I've been away from this for a while, but made progress today on the chassis and engine installation.

The Jimney comes with two suspension choices: normal and lifted. With the oil pan from the Opel 1.9 intruding into space occupied by the front axle, I had to go for a third option: extra lifted. The big truck tires and steel wheels, from the parts bin, will fit much better in the wheel wells than the weeny little things in the kit. Maybe I can find some dog dish hubcaps.

The supercharger fits nicely, and the engine now has plug wires from Model Car Garage. Let's assume 300 HP from the blown 1.9; the Jimney has decals proclaiming the presence of a turbo, but given the base engine is only 660 cc, it is unlikely to be much over 100 HP. Let's hope the transfer case can take it!

The front of the engine compartment may even have room for a radiator and header tank ahead of the blower drive. I'll have to scratch build a firewall; there is no point in putting in a master cylinder as it will be hidden by the blower (the dash is set up for right-hand drive). The only remaining item is an exhaust pipe; I found a laker-type sidepipe in the parts bin that will fit nicely along the left side rocker panel once it is all in place -- just a bit of cutting needed to make it fit.

Paint scheme at this point is glossy orange on the lower body, with flat black above. Wheels will probably be flat black as well. Stay tuned.

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