Thursday, January 26, 2017

Mitsubishi Delica: chassis and interior

The usual January flu bug has me grounded, which is always good for modeling.

The stretched Delica chassis, like the body, is essentially made up of three parts: the middle section, including the second steering axle and the third axle, comes intact from Kit 1 but with front and rear overhangs cut off. The first steering axle and the fourth drive axle are cut from Kit 2.

The two chassis obviously came with two molded-in engines. I wanted to keep the forward one, but it was going to interfere with #2 axle, so the engine will reside between axles #2 and #3, giving it a mid-engine designation. There will be a big hole to fill where the forward engine once resided.

Careful measurement was required to decide where to cut the interior sections. With two front axles to cover, I decided to use two front cabin sections back to back. Given there is no engine, the front middle hump can be trimmed down to allow for a third middle seat, while the back middle hump will need to be built up to cover the 'engine'. So the back will have two rear-facing seats, and the front three forward seats.

Finally a short section from the rear of one of the interiors closes the cabin off at the back.

Sheet and square section styrene tubing are used to brace it all and keep it straight. Next: prime and detail the chassis and interior. All the big pieces fit well and it's all coming together nicely.

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