Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Mitsubishi Delica: Major cuts complete

So the major hacking and slashing is done. The bed sides have been braced with styrene flat bar stock, and body sections have been joined using thin sheet glued on the inside of the lap-style joints.

A piece of flat sheet has been roughly cut to fit as a bed surface, and will serve to strengthen all this once glued in place, at which point it can be trimmed to fit.

The little S800 is a perfect fit. I will consider a rack above the S800 hood for spare tires and the like.

Now the hard work of puttying the joints begins. Years ago I converted an F150 to a 4X6 platform; that project was a success from a technical perspective but maybe I was a bit sloppy on the finishing touches. I'll see if I can do better this time :)


The F150 also suffered from excessive rear overhang, in my view, which won't be a problem with the Delica. (The chopped 3-window coupe in the picture features another mid-mounted V6 from AMT's Dodge Stealth kit.)

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