Friday, January 5, 2018

Bombardier sidewalk plow: chassis layout

As the snow falls and the windchill drops to -35 C, now is a good time to look at getting the hot rod snowplow operational.

The engine sits nicely in the rear bay. I think I'll set the engine facing rearwards, with belts and a radiator at the rear of the chassis. A larger opening for a radiator may be needed.

The central gun turret structure has been removed and the chassis layout is looking good. A simple firewall is in place. 

It's a bit narrow for two seats so it will probably be a single seater. There is lots of room in the footwell (although I am assuming that a real tank would have lots of machinery related to drive wheels and idlers).

I'll root through the parts bin for a suitable roof. I seem to recall having an early Ford Falcon Ranchero that got cut up for something else and maybe that will supply some interesting shapes. Failing that, I'll build up something square from sheet styrene. Next will be some engine detail. The Revell Monogram Parts Packs motors were nice kits but with all the chrome, fit was a challenge. The blown 421 will offer plenty of grunt, so let it snow! 

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