Sunday, January 7, 2018

Bombardier sidewalk plow: Interior and engine detail

The interior is a sectioned Ford Falcon Ranchero tub from the AMT kit. Gotta love the 54 TPI blades which are not easy to find. The tub sits one person, realistically, although the cushion is a bit more than half the bench seat out of the Falcon. Two in a pinch and they had better be good friends.

The engine, which faces rearwards, has wires, and there is a simple plan for exhaust headers which will include two mufflers (not shown) from the tank kit and which mount on the rear fenders. The radiator will sit facing rearwards behind the motor, and I may open up the small hatch in the middle of the rear deck for improved airflow. A better view of the engine compartment when complete may require opening up one or both of the vented panels on the left and right side of the engine compartment.

What is missing is a canopy. In the sidewalk plows used around here, the canopy is hinged at the front and allows the driver to clamber over the treads. I will probably cut up the greenhouse from the Falcon for this purpose. Stay tuned!

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