Wednesday, January 31, 2018

BRE 240 Z: Compete, finally (#2 for 2018)

The home renovations are ongoing and I am stuck in a small rental unit where it's not really nice to be spray painting, especially in the dead of winter, because there is no ventilation and because there is a bunch of neighbours. So the LN 8000 is on hold as I wait to get back into my home with the paint booth and exhaust fan. Meanwhile I have been scrounging for things to do.

Last described in May 2017, the BRE 240 Z and its partner, the 510, have been ongoing since December 2015. The 510 is complete but the 240 Z was missing final assembly and a repair for a snapped rear hub. So no spray painting was required to complete this, the second kit for 2018.

A few challenges for others to be aware of: the stance is too high, the copyright molded into the trunk floor is visible through the rear window, and the hood hinges are fussy.

Still missing: the front bumper which is either buried in my spare parts boxes in storage, or was not included in the kit.

Like the 510, the 240 Z is a very detailed kit but with some fussy bits. Beginners will find them a challenge but they will reward a patient, experienced builder. The oil filter plumbing is a nice touch and it makes sense to wire the motors, but some of the body panels feature odd fits, and the Z's hood hinge setup reminds me of the extraordinarily complex linkage for the rear deck in the Revell 904.

Nonetheless these are excellent kits that replicate an important part of US racing history. I suspect the LN 8000 will wind up with red and white livery, and maybe with a number 46 on the doors. Stay tuned!

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