Thursday, May 3, 2018

Auto-Union Type C: initial planning

When I saw this one on eBay, I just had to buy it. A Type C! The specs are seriously scary: a six-litre V16 with a blower making 520 horsepower, swing axles in back and a pair of trailing arms that look like VW Beetle items up front. (Actually the Beetle front suspension looks like a Type C). It's a brutal device by all accounts, and the kit, by a little known Portuguese fellow named Fernando Pinto, is actually pretty decent.

There is the usual amount of flash to clean up; in fact there are some thin pieces that are barely thicker than the flash and that will therefore be problematic. On the other hand, his habit of embedding wire in plastic is interesting, as in the grille; and the hand-laced wire wheels are very nice.

Primer and some putty to fix gaps and pinholes have been successfully applied and left to sit for a few days. No resin paint horror stories, at least not yet [knock on wood] ... next will be to move on to the silver paint which will cover most of the car. I'll use TS-17 (Flat Aluminum) for engine components, and AS-12 (Bare-Metal Silver) or TS-30 (Silver Leaf) for various parts of the body, in order to try to keep some interest.

It will get parked next to my only other F1 car, the Honda RA272 with the 1.5 litre V12 ... A study in contrasts.

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