Sunday, May 13, 2018

1956 Chrysler 300B: chassis and interior

In keeping with the therapeutic value, I decided to keep it simple and build it out of the box, with the exception of tires and wheels, and getting the stance right. I also went for a non-standard two-tone paint job which caused some problems.

The suspension has been lowered about 2.5" at scale. Front and rear rims come from the parts bin, probably from a Parts by Parks pack or something similar. The baby moons are turned aluminum bits from Parts by Parks, while the Racemaster slicks are from one of the AMT parts packs. The front tires are from the kit; I may switch to blackwalls before final assembly.

The engine is well detailed, with a transmission dipstick, breather tube, fuel lines joining the carbs and a crude-looking throttle linkage. There will be a vacuum tank with hoses leading to the manifold and brake booster, and a set of heater hoses.

The interior is box stock, although I used a darker shade of tan than specified for the leather seats. A lot of nice detail here, but the steering wheel sits too low and would prevent the driver getting in or out. This is a kit problem as the column lines up with the hole in the floor as it should.

Overall I am pleased with it, even if the paint could have been better. Final assembly next. Stay tuned!

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