Thursday, May 24, 2018

Mercedes 190 SL: Final assembly

This vintage Revell kit, which has been a WIP for over 2 years, has a lot of challenges, starting with a body made up of 9 different parts, and continuing with a poor level of detail under the hood. (See my post in January 2016 for more information about the kit).

Poor engine detail is only slightly mitigated by an aftermarket distributor. I worked as an apprentice mechanic at the local Mercedes dealer in 1975 and 1976, at which time there were still a few cars running around with this engine from the Pontoon sedan of the 1950's; the valve cover looks like no Mercedes engine I have ever seen. At least the boss for the distributor is in the right place.

Nonetheless it will be an interesting addition to the SL collection even if it is 1:25 and the Tamiya 300 SL is 1:24. (The picture dates to July 2016). Other SL's on the shelf include a resin version of the 1952 Le Mans winner, and the 300 SLR Uhlenhaut monster.

My immediate challenge is whether to use the scrawny 6.40 X 13 tires (molded, like the rest of the kit, in red styrene) or to find something a little more assertive that will fit from the parts bin. Then I will need some kind of cover for the soft top storage area as I do not intend to put on the hardtop. Stay tuned!

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