Sunday, May 6, 2018

1956 Chrysler 300B: Initial planning

Suffering as I do from a bad case of ADD, and needing a break from the mental effort involved in the highly customised S600/2000 and resin Type C, I decided to tackle Moebius' fine 300B. I've got a '69 300 (from Johan) and one of Moebius' Hudsons, so this will fit right into the Barge category.

In order for it to work as therapy, I'll build it out of box, except for two-tone paint, lowered suspension and (possibly) new tires and rims. And with the distributor in the back, and plug wires running under covers to the plugs in the hemi head, I won't even need to bother wiring it up.

All my stalled projects have one thing in common: the engine and drivetrain are quickly complete, but I get stuck on the bodywork. So I decided to start with the bodywork on this one.

So the first problem arose when Tamiya's white primer started pooling and making little pockets of no coverage, just like there was a lot of solvent or grease on the body in spite of a careful wash in dish soap and thorough rinsing and drying. I cleaned it all up with isopropanol, and went straight to the top coat for the roof, Tamiya TS-7 Racing White.

This also acted funny, but added coats seem to have leveled out. Still it needed a lot of careful sanding between coats before taping the roof up to put on the lower body colour. I am trying to avoid excessive paint build-up or sanding because the very fine Chrysler script on the fenders and hood will quickly disappear otherwise, even though I covered it in Bare Metal Foil prior to painting.

As soon as the white is hard enough, I'll tape it up and paint the lower body using Tamiya AS19, Intermediate US Navy Blue. I like these military colours as they are very '50s; the downside is they are slightly matte. A bit of polishing and some clear usually fixes that. Meanwhile the engine and chassis are coming together, with the only major problem (I hope) being figuring out how to lower the front end.

So was this restful and therapeutic? Not really ...

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