Saturday, January 17, 2015

'72 Skyline motor

Just back from a week hopscotching across the country. Five nights, 2 different hotels, 5 flight segments, 5196 air miles and a brutal sinus cold that is now moving to my chest. At this rate I'll easily make Elite again this year, assuming I don't get pneumonia first.

So anyway to relax I assembled the motor on the '72.

I got carried away using plug wire from Detail Master; my only comment would be that the instructions tell you to use a #80 drill but what you need is the #78 which is the required 0.016". (The #80 is 0.0135"). This is a good thing because I broke my #80 bit off in the head. Finally I have a stock of #78 bits since it is the same as 0.40 mm (to within 0.0025", anyway), which is much in demand on the 908.

All looking good, time for some decongestant and bed.

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