Sunday, January 4, 2015

Speed build: Honda Civic curbside (Sunday)

As expected the glass was a pain in the neck and the quality is only so-so. I got part of it done yesterday afternoon but had to stop as I was getting tense and twitchy. Some of the black paint wound up being done with a Sharpie instead, this is marginally better than a brush.

Painting the various body panels black was also a challenge. I am not a big fan of tape because no matter how careful I am, there is always some bleed through. The alternative is brush work that can be sloppy at times.

All good, but then the first decal didn't go on right and got torn into a bunch of little bits. Fortunately it's the one across the windshield, so it's not matched by another one on the other side. The next decal, along the side of the body, also went on poorly and will probably flake off in a few days. So I decided to lay on the decal set to try and save this one decal, then call it quits for now. Is it me or have Tamiya decals gotten thinner and flimsier?

So anyway a moderately decent effort is possible in just three days, with time off for family events, shoveling snow, etc., if you can get into the Zen state needed for paint and decals.

After two weeks off over the holidays, it's back to work tomorrow, with plenty of business travel in the coming weeks, so progress is going to slow for the next while.


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